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Indian Legal System going through tough time because of pendency of cases for years. Many efforts have been made to cope up with this situation. We need radical change in legal system and innovation is the answer to this. Western countries have come up with several innovative platforms i.e. legal startups to address various legal affairs. We also need legal startups in India to make system efficient and effective which is non-existent. People do not know about legal startups. Looking at this situation, Legal Startups has been created for highlighting all legal startups across the world.

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You are doing a wonderful job with your very informative website.

Dr. Arvind Singhatiya CEO & Founder, Legal Kart

Dr. Kalpeshkumar L Gupta worked as Faculty Coordinator for Gujarat National Law University Legal Incubation Council (GLIC). Dr. Gupta worked under my supervision for GLIC and I have found him sincere, proactive and hard working person. He has undertaken many initiatives to promote startup culturre at GNLU and has played very important role in establishing GLIC. I also appreciate his ability to think out of box and multitasking skills for adding value to the functioning of GLIC.

Dr. Viral M Pandya Associate Professor of Management & Faculty Convener GNLU Legal Incubation Council

You and your team is doing great service to the humanity by engaging yourself in legal aid and start up platform to needy people. The constitutional dream of access to justice remained unrealised because intellectuals, departments of academic institutions, and those who are "well to do" did not discharge their obligation in spirit, enshrined in the fundamental duty part. Prof Upendra Baxi also insists that we need citizen animated with part III and Part IV of the Constitution. You and Gujarat Law University has taken the lead and we all are proud of you. Though legal aid is also given in various institutes, legal start up is an innovation. 
We all congratulate you and the team and wish you all the best.

Anurag Deep Associate Professor of Law, Indian Law Institute

Kalpesh has a great understanding of the problems plaguing the legal setup of our country. His initiatives to improve our leagal setup are inspiring and worth appreciating. The legal startup portal is a great initiative that aims to document various innovations being done not just in India but also around the world. I am sure this portal will be a great resource for all aspiring law/policy entrepreneurs and will inspire them to develop better interventions for our country. I congratulate Kalpesh for this idea and wish him and his team all success. Keep up the good work!

Prof. Vishal Gupta Associate Professor, IIM Ahmedabad

Significant developments in communication and information technologies are disrupting for and not for profit sectors of the economy and creating opportunities for innovative start-ups. The early signs of such disruptions are lurking in the legal sector as well. Indian legal education sector, practice of law and judicial system need to recognise them when time is still in their favour and respond appropriately. Dr. Kalpeshkumar Gupta from the Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar has taken the right step in this direction by creating a platform for legal start-ups. I congratulate him on this and wish him all the best in his endeavour. I hope that the initiative would be the harbinger of much needed innovation and enterprise in the Indian legal sector.

Prof. M R Dixit Former Professor IIMA & Independent Management Researcher and Facilitator

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