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Indian Legal System going through tough time because of pendency of cases for years. Many efforts have been made to cope up with this situation. We need radical change in legal system and innovation is the answer to this. Western countries have come up with several innovative platforms i.e. legal startups to address various legal affairs. We also need legal startups in India to make system efficient and effective which is non-existent. People do not know about legal startups. Looking at this situation, Legal Startups has been created for highlighting all legal startups across the world.

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Starting any new venture needs planning not only for marketing and growing the business but also to remove any legal risks that a start-up could face. And to remove such legal risks Dr. Kalpesh has initiated good online programs for creating awareness about Legal Aspects of StartUps.

Prof. (Dr.) Navin Sheth Vice Chancellor, Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad

Dr Gupta has always been passionate about legal entrepreneurship. He has guided and motivated many young entrepreneurs. In past few years, India has witnessed a good number of start-ups relating to legal arena, 'Legal Startups' provides a database of the Indian and foreign legal start-ups and inspires law students and professionals to capitalize on their ideas. Congratulations to Dr Gupta and his team!!

Ashwani Kumar Singh Founder & Managing Director, Criminal Law Review

Thank you, Dr Gupta Sir for always making efforts to help budding entrepreneurs. Your experience and ideas have inspired many young people to take on the journey of entrepreneurship. The platform of legal startups is an innovative and a noble idea for the community at large to learn about the developments of legal startup ecosystem. It is your blessing for all interested in the legal technology and startup domain.

Aditya Gor Founder, LawBrief

Congratulations to Dr. Kalpeshkumar Gupta for initiating this much-needed resource pool around Innovation and Law. enjoyed working with him on a "Legal for Startups" course that he curated earlier this year. He could clearly demonstrate his abilities and efforts to pool resources and knowledge base from a range of subject matter experts, understanding of the legal nuances, and willingness to promote innovation in this "highly conventional" industry. I wish him great luck, in support of his initiative Cheers!

Mr. Shrijay Seth Founder, Legal Wiz

The Legal Startups platform is doing outstanding work in putting together the movements in the legal ecosystem in India. It is creating a one-stop platform for understanding how the legal system is getting revolutionized, one article at a time!

Namita Shah Co-founder, Presolv360

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