Interview with Aditi Gupta, Founder LawSimpl

Interview with Aditi Gupta, Founder LawSimpl

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1. What is the problem that you are trying to solve?
India has a large population that is hesitant to exercise its legal rights because they don't understand complex Indian laws. If you compare us with developed countries like US, we are way behind in approaching courts and fighting for our rights. We are trying to change that. We are trying to ensure that every Indian legal rights are protected. they should feel confident that Indian constitution is there to protect them.

At the same time, lakhs of law graduates that come of our law colleges and struggle to earn a decent living. Most of them are competent, but they don't have means to reach out to clients looking for lawyers like them. Also, fresh from college, these law graduates don't have access to tools necessary to succeed. Like many of them struggle to create legal drafts, manage client database, do legal research.

In this digital age, this inefficiency in legal services is a real problem to be solved. LawSimpl is here to solve the same problem.


2. While this is a very pertinent problem, how are you solving this?

There are two parts to the solution:-

1. Making citizens aware of their legal rights, making citizens feel confident to approach lawyers and courts.
2. Bringing Citizens and Lawyers on a common platform where they can interact and then engage 

We are using Technology to drive this. We have built a technology platform where citizens get access to videos, carefully compiled flows, free legal advice, ability to connect with Lawyers.

Videos help Citizens understand complex legal laws in simplified language. We have flows that ask Citizens simple questions and suggest them the best legal remedy/option. User can then ask their question that is presented to lawyers practicing in that particular area. Lawyers respond to the question and then lawyer answers are shown back to the citizens who can select the lawyer based on the kind of response he gave to the question. It is a win-win for both.

On Lawyer side, we are providing tools that can help them become 2x productivity like Automated Tool for Legal Drafting, Legal Research etc.


3. How is your team equipped to solve this problem?
Our core team comprises of Former Judges, Supreme Court Advocates, IIT IIM Graduates. So it is the right mix of Legal and Technology knowledge. Within our core team alone, we have 50+ Years of experience in Law, Technology, Analytics, Machine Learning, AI.

We are putting all this experience to use to develop solutions that are easy and intuitive to use. All the complexity is handled by Technology with the use of AI and Machine Learning, while the solution is presented in a very simple form for end user to consume. 


4. You talked about FREE Advice. Can you elaborate on that?
Yes, anyone can come on our website and post his query related to any legal issue. Our Technology Platform then connects with Lawyers who have expertise in that specific area and then present the question to them. Lawyers respond to those questions and the answer is then communicated back to the user via whatsapp and email.

If user wants to discuss the matter further or wants help of a particular lawyer for litigation, document drafting etc, he can connect with the lawyer directly.

There is no manual intervention in this whole process.


5. As a founder what are the key challenges that you face?
I would say hiring the best talent and that too at reasonable cost is today one of the biggest challenge for startups in India. There are so many startups and established players  who are competing for the same set of resources that attracting and retaining talent has become one of the key operational challenge.

Other than that, in the initial days, building your online presence with limited funds is the second key challenge that we face. We have limited resources and we need to use them judiciously.


6. What made your embark on this journey of being an entrepreneur?
I a lawyer and when I was studying I found that Legal Services sector in India has so little use of Technology today, while the scope is so vast. As a student also, I was fascinated with Technology. Fortunately, I had some great connections with people who were experts in the field of technology. We brainstormed over couple of meetings the challenges we have today in Legal Service industry and they were as excited about the idea as I was and got immediately ready to support me in my idea. And that is how an entrepreneur was born.


7. How have you raised funding for this venture?
Right now it is bootstrapped. I have invested some of my savings and then taken help from friends and family. Much of what is being done today is what we are taught ourselves through online tutorials and videos at youtube. In a startup, you cannot play one single role. You have to wear multiple hats everyday and get your hands dirty. So I have been doing consultation on some days and then marketing on other days. 


8. What has been your mantra to build a customer base?
Ensure every single customer get value for his/her money. Indian customers are very smart. They know exactly what they want and how much they are ready to pay for it. So as long as you deliver them value, they will promote you. In a startup, things can go wrong. But what is important is that you acknowledge and amend. We have had customers for whom we did not do a good job first time around. But we made sure that we rework on such cases and fix them. As long as you are honest with your customers, they will understand and give you a second chance. 

Thank You for your time today. This sounds very interesting and I am sure there will be lot of people who will find this very useful. Best of luck for your endeavor.