Resurrection of Entrepreneurship Graph After Covid-19

Lately, the constituting biological system in India has developed as a retribution power, to a great extent because of endeavors of partners and activities executed by the administration to [...]

The Effect of Recession on Youth and Startups

The term “recession” might sound quite fancy on the first instance, however it’s simple. In layman’s words, it means a temporary condition in which the economy falls [...]

Effects on employees due to COVID-19 in India

The pandemic caused by Covid-19 is creating havoc around the world. According to WHO’s website, as of September 20, 2020, there are more than 30.8 Million confirmed cases and 9,57,000 d [...]

Challenges in the Life of Women Entrepreneurs

Many think handling business, leading a company, watching and understanding the stats etc is not a woman’s cup of tea, because a woman if wants to lead, need to have a ‘male att [...]

Startups As A Strategic Solution For Reestablishment of Economy

New businesses might be little organizations yet they can assume a critical part in financial development. They make more positions which implies greater business, and greater work implies an [...]

The Impact of Covid-19 on India\\\'s Startup Ecosystem

COVID-19 has adversely impacted the overall investment sector. While businesses across all sectors can sense the consequences of COVID-19, start-ups have particularly been one of the most vul [...]

The Art of Luring Investors to Invest in Your Startup

Before starting any start-up or business, it is pertinent to have and raise sufficient capital. And when the question of raising the capital arises, the role of investors comes into the pictu [...]

Can Private Firms Turns A Profit in Space?

Introduction :-  [...]

The Lifecycle of Startups

The Lifecycle of Start-ups :-  [...]

Atmanirbhar Bharat Scheme- An opportunity for Startups?

Introduction [...]

Corporate and Strategic Entrepreneurship

Corporate and Strategic Entrepreneurship [...]

Legal Tech Startups spinning revolution in the Legal Industry

Nobody can deny that in the modern times technology has flooded business across the world and the legal services industry is no exception. The legal sector now implementing legaltech into its [...]

Flipping Website and E-Commerce

There are numerous approaches to characterize e-commerce websites. You can arrange them as per the products or services that they sell, the parties that they execute with, or even the platf [...]

Social Media Management and Marketing

Social Media is a platform where we share our stories with the world at large, discover new ideas and self-promote our products.For the past few years, people have been more active over var [...]

Podcasting a Startup

•Introduction: [...]

Use of Technology in Judicial Process


Web Marketing Strategies for Startups

Introduction [...]

Legal Mistakes Often Made By The Young Entrepreneurs

Executing a startup idea or strategy is not easy. No matter how well planned your idea might sound in your head, executing it as per the market standard as well as meeting your expectations i [...]

Studies of business start-ups and business survival

What is a startup and why is it fault-prone? [...]

The Story of the establishing of Legal Industry

Every industry, be it big or small, be it of hundred years or a new born Start-up, be it a simple cosmetic brand to the most popular Airline has a story to tell about its establishment and [...]

Post Covid-19 Future of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Introduction [...]

The drawbacks of ignoring important legal documents in a start-up

Successful startups are ones that are driven by passionate entrepreneurs who are focused on building unique solutions that deliver customer delight. While it is very important to have a stron [...]

Discovering potential in Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technology

Smart Contracts have gained popularity not only in the legal world but also amongst the techie millennial. This article summarizes and explores the potential and the possibility of usage of [...]

Virtual Legal Education: is it a way forward?

Virtual education is an extension of ‘distance learning’ where students learn all or most of the time being outside of their college or school or we can say learn online by use of [...]

NITI Ayog and It’s role for Startups

Introduction [...]

Online Mediation and Arbitration – the New Normal?

The world is witnessing a situation of pandemic and the conditions are far from being normal even in the near future. The state of affairs is dreadful as social distancing and lockdown are th [...]

Online Courses- The new normal way of learning

Covid-19 has expedited exchange inside the education landscape, accelerating the adoption of net technology as a teaching medium each in a lecture room and university putting. While the sec [...]

Legal Journalism as a Career

“Do you get sleepless nights when the Court is about to deliver a Judgement just the next day?”, “Are you the one who never leaves the house before skimming through the Edit [...]

Future of Legal Startups

INTRODUCTION The future of every department and its growth relies upon the integration of smart technology featuring artificial intelligence and machine learning. Ever since the adve [...]

Bleeding Till Death: The Indian Start Ups

While the entire world is injured from deadly Sars-Cov-2 Virus commonly known as COVID-19 the Indian start-ups are bleeding severely every day thereby nearing a major seizure. There is no denial in the fact tha [...]