Students Centric Startup Policy - Gujarat Model

Two years back I joined Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar as an Assistant Professor of Research and on the very second day I was given the task to coordinate startup related activities at the universities. GN [...]

Artificial Intelligence in Legal Start-up

Introduction Change is inevitable in nature, whether one wants it or not. At the same time one must always be willing to embrace the change that is for good. Technology have had an impact over every industry an [...]

Legal Start-up for Online Legal Education

Introduction Law as a subject of study serves to uphold the principles of truth and justice and thus, lays down the foundation of civilised nation. The law schools have continued to impart legal education and h [...]

Online Legal Service: A way ahead in Indian Legal System

Introduction The word service denotes the action of helping or doing work of someone. The word has a wider connotation and is often succeeded by a pre-fix which gives a definite scope to the meaning of the word [...]

Legal Startups in India

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