Interview with Mr Anurag Agrawal, Founder and CEO JawabDo

Interview with Mr Anurag Agrawal, Founder and CEO JawabDo

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1.Tell us about yourself
I am Anurag Agrawal. I completed BE (Mechanical) in 2005 followed by MBA in finance and operations in 2008 and then took over my business of pre cast Cement product manufacturing industry till 2016, after which I'll start a bug bit me and I changed the stream ot legal sector!


2. How did the idea for your business come about?
we faced huge losses in 2008, due to Sub-Prime thing that happened in the US and we decided to monetise our industry land and put up a commercial project on the same. Hence, my endeavours with the Government department started and I realised that they work in an entirely different manner and to get some permissions from them is not a childs play. After a bizarre incident with a low-level Govt official I got a revenue record, that I wanted since last nine months, within 15 minutes. That is when I realised that there was a certain process associated to it which I didn't know and subsequently it was not available anywhere or was with very few hands! hence I decided to provide this procedures is to everyone in need. After a certain period of time when our clients could not even carry forward their work with the given process, they started coming back to us and asking us to do the job for them and hence, we got exposed to the judicial system. We realised that the mother of all the problems is Judiciary and the solution to all the problems is also Judiciary. That is when we start accumulating the cases and contesting them with our associated lawyers. 


3. Can you tell us about your venture ?
Jawabdo is a social entrepreneurship start-up that is working as an accumulator, consultant and contesting of lawsuits at the least possible cost. We developed an android application by the name of ‘Jawabdo’ where the user can store his complain or a case on which we can provide further assistance on the request of the client. We provide varied remedies to the daily life problems, for example, someone goes to a café and realises that the quality of food is not good, but he feels helpless as he does not know where to complain and what action is to be taken; OR the user might have a criminal complaint which he wants to file in a court!
We advise them on a ‘Do-it-yourself’ model so that they can actually reach the correct place the correct place and escalate their complaint. A data shows that over 90% of such complaints do not even get registered, encouraging those who are abusing a common man!


4. What are the challenges you faced till date and presently facing?
Well the biggest challenge was to understand this whole legal business. It was necessary to understand the psyche of all the parties involved in the case, for example the client, lawyers, judges, government officials involved and even the witnesses. It took us around three years to understand that and build a business around it. 
And when we have now built a business there are other domains like technology and its implementation due to the complex nature of judiciary, acceptance of this technology by the parties involved, funding for the implementation of things like artificial intelligence and block chain and many more…


5. What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?
I have always been passionate and patriotic towards my country… and when I got exposed to the legal sector I realised that our legal sector is one of the most mismanaged sectors of the country. we are still following the obsolete laws, over 3.5 crore cases are pending the judiciary, it takes around six years for simple case to be decided by the court and around 1 year to bring an accused to the court, that simply punchers the sprits of the complainant.
Things like law & justice are far-fetched to a common man and even the Supreme Court had to comment that under the given scenario people would like to go to the local goons rather coming to the judiciary! 


6. How did you raise funding for your venture?
I mortgaged my personal property to raise a debt fund from a bank under a start-up scheme given by the government. 


7. How do you build a successful customer base?
While we were serving the clients on an advisory basis, and practically free of cost there was a certain level of trust that people started entrusting in us and we eventually started getting very good cases on our platform. We also won several competitions on state-level and were extensively covered by esteemed newspapers of the city, which also helped in creating a good customer base. 


8. How do you market your business, and which tactics have been most successful?
Well I would say that mouth to word publicity is still the best! But to reach the masses I think social media marketing is probably the best possible tool available in the today’s era. One should not shy in presenting his idea in front of the people specially on grand stages, it's not only gives you connects but also deep insights about your business. And I must say print media is still one of the most powerful marketing medium.
All said and done one must keep on continuing to do very good work in his domain and eventually all the above-mentioned things would come to you.


9. What kind of culture exists in your organization, and how did you establish it?
To start with it is very important to realise the potential of each and everyone in your organisation, and allocate them the work according to their competency. While as a founder you might be very good at technology, but you will be asked to make marketing strategies every day.. that it just like asking a crocodile to climb a tree.
And start with the most basic elements of management theories, that is distribution of work and delegation of authorities! The founders need to keep a close eye on everyone who is working in the organisation. While in the business it becomes very important to be strict employer, and fire anyone who is not above the mark. Believe me it will save you a lot of time and money. And one of the most important things is to enjoy even the little bit of success that comes your way. It's not only motivates your employees but also keeps their spirits high!


10. How do you generate new ideas?
New ideas only come when you travel, talk to new people and read lots & lots of stuff about your domain. Never be afraid to speak up your mind in front of anyone, you might end up sounding like an idiot; only realise that what you told was idiotic and should not be repeated again!!!


11. What are your ideals?
I believe that justice delayed is justice denied and justice should not be a pet of the rich and affluent… that is the reason we are working on the model which can provide legal recourse to a common man at the least possible cost! We have also done a legal research on how delay practices are being followed in the Courtroom and remedies to curtail this kind of practices.


12. How do you define success?
Success is a notion to me and it would come when a common man would be able to least raise his voice against the wrongdoings in a legally correct manner! And my further goals would be attained when the judiciary starts using the best available technology in the cases, disposing them off within six months…
Most importantly I would never define success with the amount of money I end up earning, rather it would be my learnings, knowledge and skills I attain in that journey!


13. Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?
Success has no formula and if at all you're thinking of any formula, I will give you the biggest Mantra for success- Hard Work and Perseverance!


14. What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?
Everybody will talk about the problem, but an entrepreneur is the one who talk about the problem with a creative solution to it! A problem to him is an opportunity…
I got educated in techno- managerial domain and I am using it into a legal- tech domain… this is one of the best parts of entrepreneurship as your knowledge, resources and skills are utilised in the best possible manner. You are the owner of yourself and you face the crest and troughs enhancing those experiences. You start realising the true value of people and visualising true faces of people. One dares to think of unthinkable, and ends up achieving the non-achievable!
Entrepreneurship is something that teaches you the journey called life. 


15. What has been your most satisfying moment in business?
It comes when a satisfied client comes to me and shows gratitude towards my hard work!


16. What entrepreneurial tricks have you discovered to keep you focused and productive in your day-to-day busy schedule?
There are no tricks in business, and modesty is still the best policy… one needs to introspect periodically and should be honest with his work, and the results would than start speaking volumes about you!


17. Who has been your greatest inspiration?


18. Any message for future entrepreneur
Keep dreaming, think of a better future not only for oneself but for the country, and keep on touching new heights!


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