NITI Ayog and It’s role for Startups

Introduction [...]

Online Mediation and Arbitration – the New Normal?

The world is witnessing a situation of pandemic and the conditions are far from being normal even in the near future. The state of affairs is dreadful as social distancing and lockdown are th [...]

Online Courses- The new normal way of learning

Covid-19 has expedited exchange inside the education landscape, accelerating the adoption of net technology as a teaching medium each in a lecture room and university putting. While the sec [...]

Legal Journalism as a Career

“Do you get sleepless nights when the Court is about to deliver a Judgement just the next day?”, “Are you the one who never leaves the house before skimming through the Edit [...]

Future of Legal Startups

INTRODUCTION The future of every department and its growth relies upon the integration of smart technology featuring artificial intelligence and machine learning. Ever since the adve [...]

Bleeding Till Death: The Indian Start Ups

While the entire world is injured from deadly Sars-Cov-2 Virus commonly known as COVID-19 the Indian start-ups are bleeding severely every day thereby nearing a major seizure. There is no denial in the fact tha [...]

Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Sector

Artificial Intelligence: what does it mean? [...]

Online Dispute Resolution: A Doorway To Peaceful Life

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, where 'work from home' and 'online classes' have become the new norm of business all over the world, today's ultra-modern world is exposed to communications, trading, bu [...]

Introduction to the Legal Incubation System in India

The Indian legal profession is one of the largest in the world, with over 1.4 million enrolled advocates nationwide. The legal profession in our nation has undergone huge changes by dealing with many religious, politi [...]


Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi announced special economic package of 20 lakh crore for the laborers, cottage industries, farmers, tax payers and all the small and big scale Industries [...]

Women Entrepreneurs and Public Policy

The Indian woman has historically been a pure homemaker, and though there's certainly nothing wrong with becoming one, the modern Indian woman now confidently flaunts her personality' [...]

Legal Startups in India : Need of the Hour

Indian Legal System going through tough time because of pendency of cases for years. Many efforts have been made to cope up with this situation by implementing different ways and means. We need radical change in Indian [...]

Students Centric Startup Policy - Gujarat Model

Two years back I joined Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar as an Assistant Professor of Research and on the very second day I was given the task to coordinate startup related activities at the universities. GN [...]

Artificial Intelligence in Legal Start-up

Introduction Change is inevitable in nature, whether one wants it or not. At the same time one must always be willing to embrace the change that is for good. Technology have had an impact over every industry an [...]

Legal Start-up for Online Legal Education

Introduction Law as a subject of study serves to uphold the principles of truth and justice and thus, lays down the foundation of civilised nation. The law schools have continued to impart legal education and h [...]

Online Legal Service: A way ahead in Indian Legal System

Introduction The word service denotes the action of helping or doing work of someone. The word has a wider connotation and is often succeeded by a pre-fix which gives a definite scope to the meaning of the word [...]