Social Media Management and Marketing

Social Media Management and Marketing

Social Media is a platform where we share our stories with the world at large, discover new ideas and self-promote our products.For the past few years, people have been more active over various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and by the time marketing blogs and websites have talked about the importance of your business’s online presence. Social media has created an unprecedented opportunity for brands. This social media platform gives us the unique opportunities to connect with our audience who naturally happen to be spending a lot of time over social media in the hope of finding inspiring stories or people also for that matter. The audience is always on the lookout for valuable and relevant content to escape from their terrifying or upsetting reality. 


In simple words, Social Media management is the process of managing and putting into the process a complete social media strategy to boost a person’s presence across various social media parameters. Social media management involves having an account on any social media platform where you can create, advertise and distribute various contents and thereby managing and engaging with your audience by interacting with them via comments’ or messages’ section, announcing interesting giveaways and securely being able to maintain your personal information over your profile section. To create a social-media-thriving business, you have got to know the basic specifics about your market competition and audiences’ interests and most importantly finding a permanent solution to a problem that will earn a permanent value for your business. Social media management ensures that each individual be it you or your audience are using their accounts authentically and by free will. It helps you to generate content that reflects your brand and connect with your audience remotely. You will have to plan the right mix of content to keep your followers engaged from posting videos and memes to news stories and blog articles to fun snapshots narrating your life happenings. It brushes over a number of important elements, all of which forms part of a well- structured Social media marketing strategy. Social media strategy is concerned with the effective use of social media platform.



Social media marketing is exactly what its name suggests: the use of social media platform to market and thereby grow your business. While social media management focusses more on the development and strategising of social media accounts, social media marketing mainly focuses more on the execution part of a strategy to be able to generate leads for your business through social media presence. In social media marketing, your main work is to create and publish content with a specific purpose and to engage visitors and attract them to your website and brand. Social media marketing also helps in the proper use of advertising strategies to be able to grow your following and expand your reach. It allows you to pick your target and based on your budget it makes your business content visible to your target audience instantly, and you can start seeing the fruitful results of your expenses come through in a very short period of time.



It is necessary that there should be a strategy for social media marketing because without marketing a brand without a strategy is no lesser than starting out on a road trip without a map or GPS. There is no guarantee that you are heading in the right direction- even though you are sure of your destination spot.

Pushing your brand and content through social media platforms is a smart and a productive way to influence a large number of people and convert many of them to become your followers and attract them to try out your products. For this,you have to plan out the right strategy to properly manage and marketize to build out an intentional, authentic presence on social media that further helps in providing value and growth to your business. It is a practice that enhances your digital marketing strategies. It is an important part of running an effective social media strategy because it explains how your brand will participate in content publishing and would finally rule customer engagement on social media to generate the best results. 

For successful social media marketing of any brand,we need a marketing team with a very clear and detailed understanding of who their audiences are and what kind of audience they are targeting with theirproduct. For understanding one’s audience one needs to move beyond demographics and start focusing on what the audience value the most over digital platforms.

For social media marketing, you need to find the right social media platform for your brand because not all social media platforms are created equally and can give the same amount of boost to your brand. Choosing the right platform is a matter of understanding as to what kind of users each platform attracts.

It is important that you post your content multiple times during a day in order to make your audience aware of the product and catch sight of it while they are busy scrolling through their newsfeed. The content should be based on the audience type you are targeting. Your content can be either visual or written or can be a mix of both for greater effect.

One of the most difficult parts of social media marketing is to create content that attracts the audience. For that, you need to be creative enough and be consistent and precise with the creative idea. After you’ve determined the type of content you will publish and how often you need to take productive action, be consistent about it. To stand out, you’ll need to consistently publish your content to stay at the top-of-the-competition. Doing so also will also help the audience or consumersat each stage of their journey to become active and stay ready to spend money over your brand.

There is some difference between social media marketing and social media management and many ways to utilize both in order to make an influence :-

•Social media management focuses on managing online content through schedule posting, creating new content and staying in touch with followers and clear their queries by replying. Whereas social media marketing focuses on paid promotional content either selling something or creating brand awareness. 
•Social media management is short term, costs money but one can get visible results right away whereas Social media management takes a long term investment but can basically generate huge results over a long period of time.

In social media marketing, it is important to note that your content should be planned and designed in such a way that your followers or audience always pay attention to what you are telling them. For examplePampers, the company focused on the bond between a mother and a child, with love and affection as the main staples. This provided the company with a huge response and a rise in their popularity among parents for childcare products.

Positive points of social media :- 

•Social media helps you in promoting your product not only in your country’s domestic market but in the international market as well, consisting of the audience from different nationalities, countries and continents.
•It also provides a cheap and accessible way to promote your brand and sell your product through affiliate links and influencer contents.
•Social media gives you a timeless way of putting your content online and a chance of huge longevity in sharing and trading through hashtags. If your audience like the content you create, they will share it and talk about it.

Negative points of social media :-

•Using social media which is a worldwide network and the posted content is usually for everyone might end up disgracing or offending someone’s sentiments. Many social and religious group take it very seriously if the posted content concerns their religion or god, whether intentional or not.
•It is necessary to note thatthe paid content may end up targeting the wrong audience group and miss on the targeted audience if the content is not made consciously and carefully and the right people may happen to miss it entirely.


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